Are You Ready to Let Love In?


  Is This You?

Maybe you feel your life is basically good, except that there’s someone you're meant to share your life with and you don’t know why he’s not here…

 Or perhaps deep down, you keep feeling like you don’t deserve the love life you've been dreaming about forever. 

Maybe you're very loving and giving in your relationships. Unfortunately you keep finding yourself with partners that take advantage of you, and sometimes they're emotionally abusive.  Or possibly you're a nice, happy, kind woman, that loves giving to everyone and everything. You just don’t know how to treat yourself, as well as you treat the rest of the world.

Take a moment with me and imagine...

You’re waking up in the morning. Next to you, is your true love. The two of you melt as you stare into each other’s eyes. You’re feeling happier than you’ve ever felt before. You have a huge smile on your face. In fact, this smile that lights up the room, seems to be on your face every minute of every day. Yes, you're finally in the kind of relationship, that up until now has been what you have wished and dreamed about your whole life. Both you and your true love are deeply in love with each other. Communicating is so easy. You can’t wait to be together. You laugh and think we just spent the whole day together. I can’t get him out of my mind and I don’t want to. It's like you’ve known each other for a lifetime. You find yourself wanting to pinch yourself, as you think, is this really happening to me? You giggle to yourself. Everything is so natural and feels so right. When the two of you were on your most recent vacation, several people asked you if you were newlyweds. You think to yourself, I’m so glad I decided to let myself be really happy and find my true love! And the best part is, that you know he feels the exact same way about you!


How ready are you for Love? I'm Joanne Sapers and I love helping women from all over the world heal relationships with their partners and find true Love, with the focus on spiritual connection!

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The first step is you need to experience what it’s like to be in a deeply loving relationship with your true love. To do this, you’ll want to listen to my meditation. If you’ve never experienced being with your true love or it's been a while, I have a precious gift earmarked just for you. As you listen to this guided meditation, float into the arms of what life feels like with your true love! 

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